Artists Statement – March 2017


Hey, listen.

I had a dream yesterday. And it was fucking awesome.

I wore my neon yellow Adidas track suit and put on my sunglasses. I went   outside to get a cup of coffee. Everyone gawked at me like I was a celebrity. I was with a stranger in the elevator. She asked me, “Where did you get that? What brand is it?” So, I answered happily. She confessed, “I got on the elevator just to ask you. Thanks.” And then she got off on the 1st floor. Words cannot describe how overjoyed I was. I pulled out my keys and went into my apartment.

I had fallen asleep late and woke up early; my body was fully charged. I quickly showered and opened my closet. I found my neon yellow Adidas tracksuit hanging in the corner. I smiled and stared at it for few seconds. I never wear it, but I always keep it with me. I closed my closet in a good mood.

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